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How do you find a stud in a wall?

What is the easiest way to find studs in a wall?

The easiest way to find studs in a wall is to use a stud finder.

This is the simplest, most effective way to find studs.

Go get a simple, battery powered electronic stud finder. Slide the stud finder across the wall and it will beep and/or light up when it crosses a stud. Mark the spot with a pencil dot.

Make the same motion with the stud finder about two feet below or above your first sweep.

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How to find stud in walls

How does a stud finder work?

How do electric stud finders work?

Electric stud finders will light up or indicate when there is a stud behind the wall. Electronic stud finders work by finding changes in the density behind a wall. Electric stud finders can sense the change and indicate it on the display.

How do magnetic stud finders work?

Magnetic stud finders work by using strong magnets and finding metal studs or nails behind a wall. You can find studs in a commercial building with a magnetic stud finder because often the studs are metal.  In most homes, the studs are made of wood. A magnetic stud finder works because it finds the nails in wooden studs.

When you think you’ve found a stud confirm it by driving a thin finishing nail through the drywall near the baseboard to see if you hit it.



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