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January Home Checklist


Quick List of Home Preservation Tasks for January

January is the month where we set new goals. Lose weight, get more organized, spend less time in front of a screen … you get the point. Here are some things to get done this month in and around your home.

Change your HVAC filters

  • In most areas of the country, the middle of winter is when your HVAC system is working the hardest. That means you should be keeping those air filters changed to improve the air quality in your home and most importantly, reduce strain on the blower.


Check your bathroom fan for dust and debris

  • You’ll be amazed by how quickly your bath fan can get dirty. That goes double during the cold months, where higher moisture in the bathroom happens when your HVAC adds to the humidity. A standard family home with daily showers will clog it even faster. So check it every few weeks and make sure you have a shop vac standing by to take care of deep cleaning if needed.

Keep high traffic areas outside your home clear

  • No matter what type of ice melt you choose to apply, the trick is to not let it stand on the surface of high traffic areas for long periods of time. After the ice melts on your deck, sidewalk, driveway and patios, it’s a good idea to sweep leftover particulate up and dispose. Leaving it to leech into the surfaces as the weather warms up later can cause damage like staining, chipping and cracking and worse.


Clean your oven (not just the outside)

  • The holidays are over, and many ovens have done double duty during that time, so it’s time to clean and refresh to keep it in good health. If you’re lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, then crank it up, as long as it doesn’t set off your smoke alarms.  But if you hate the burning smell of the self-cleaning cycle, you can make quicker work of it with a powerful oven cleaner. Reliable oven cleaner brands can be used on all interior surfaces, including the baking racks.

Use door mats and boot trays.

  • Snow, slush, and water can wreak havoc on your floors. Give them a place to stay and keep wet shoes off the floors. It’s also a good idea to keep a dustpan, broom or Swiffer type floor mop near the door for quick cleanups.

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