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Malfunctioning Garage Door Checklist

Sometimes our most-used home conveniences go unchecked when they work, but when they fail, it’s a huge problem. One of those most-used items is an automatic garage door. You never think much about it until it fails, but when it does, most people are left wondering if they need to call a team of specialists. Because your garage door performance can be affected by so many things; heat, springs, electrical circuits or wires, mechanical jams and more, it’s easy to wonder if a simple problem is actually more complex. This might not be the case.

Just because there’s something wrong with how your garage door performs, it doesn’t mean it will be a huge problem (and fix-it-up bill). We’re here to say, “Not so fast!” This simple checklist from our Ace home expert Lou Manfredini can help you run some basic functionality checks and perhaps save you quite a bit of money. He also advises you about things you should not try and fix yourself if you have a broken garage door. Have a look.

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