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How To Remove and Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade

“My lawn mower doesn’t stall when I cut long grass in my yard, so everything is fine.” Right? It may just depend.

Dulled lawn mower blades will go through tall grass, yes. However, if you want your lawn looking the best it can be, make sure your lawn mower blade is sharp to keep that grass as healthy as possible. Dull blades will not clip grass, they will actually rip blades of grass in a haphazard manner, and chances are that it will impair how healthy the grass will grow back. In extreme cases, your lawn can develop yellow spots, dry spots, disease and more.

If you would rather skip the manual labor and just get a new lawn mower blade, Ace Hardware has you covered.

If you would rather have the pros at Ace Hardware sharpen your blade for you, we have many locations that provide that service too.

Find the nearest Ace Hardware with a lawn mower blade sharpening service

Otherwise, if you’re ready to make a shopping list and get started, here’s what you’ll need.

A Dremel tool

A Dremel sharpening kit

A socket set

Here’s a video where Ace’s home maintenance expert Lou Manfredini shows you how to get it all done.

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