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5 Things Around the House You Can Add to Improve Garden and Plant Soil

You water your outdoor plants and gardens on schedule and routinely fertilize, but don’t forget your indoor plants need a little TLC over the harsher summer months. Heat from a nearby window or humidity changes can strain plenty of plants, herbs and flowers. Your first thought may be to use slow release fertilizer granules. That can work well when used sparingly and can be found at nearly any garden center. However, if you understand how to use a soil testing kit, you can learn how can make your own from things you have around the house, or may have been planning to throw away.

1. Crushed eggshells for lowering acidity and adding calcium

2. Banana peels for adding potassium

3. Used coffee grounds for adding nitrogen

4. Epsom Salts for adding magnesium and sulfur

5. Wood ashes for increasing the alkalinity of soil

If you don’t notice an improvement to the health of your plants after a couple of weeks, just come by any Ace Garden Center and our associates will have some advice to help you find more specific solutions. Happy gardening and growing!


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