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Spring Lawn Prep Checklist

Green grass comes to mind when you think about the early signs of spring, but it’s important to help your lawn get a good start when the growing season begins. Spending time up front will set you up for success throughout the season and make you envy of your neighborhood. We narrowed this lawn prep checklist to the basic priorities, so it can be done in a single weekend!

Here are some tips for early spring lawn prep:

  • Prep your mower and other outdoor power equipment like trimmers, blowers and chainsaws. Do a tune up, remove any caked-on grass or mud, sharpen your mower’s blade.
  • Clean up fallen branches, twigs, pinecones and any other debris winter left on your lawn.
  • Rake out dead grass and broken down leaves. This makes excellent material for your compost bin if you have one.
  • Test your soil to determine if you need to add lime or gypsum for the optimal pH level.

  • Repair bare spots with Scotts EZ Seed. Add Scotts Starter Food for New Grass and then cover with a thick layer of soil and straw to prevent it from drying out or washing away.
  • Apply weed control and fertilizer. If you’re in the northern regions, spreading Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food when temperatures are 55 to 60 degrees is ideal. In other regions, feed your lawn with Turf Builder Sun N Shade.


  • Edge your garden beds since the soil is soft in early spring.
  • Apply mulch in your garden beds and around your trees once the soil had warmed, helping to prevent weed growth.

Remember: Making a Plan Is Important For Getting Your Lawn Started Right

Early Spring Tips (February to April) – Your lawn wakes up hungry in the early spring! Fertilizing it strengthens roots and gets it off to a good start. So timing your first leg of fertilizer between February and April is best because your grass is starting to green up and begin to actively grow.

You can make a solid feeding routine using Scotts® Turf Builder® Annual Program, which will supply everything you need to nourish and protect your lawn from early spring through the fall. It’s formulated to feed while preventing crabgrass and other nuisances. These products are also made for specific climates from northern states to southern states. Ask your Ace associate which is right for your particular needs.

Late Spring Tips  (April to June) – By this point your grass is busy and using up stored energy, so you need to keep it well-nourished. It’s a good idea to apply a late spring lawn fertilizer once between April and June, 6 to 8 weeks after the early spring feeding. Products like Scotts® Turf Builder® are designed to help your lawn grow strong roots while killing dandelion, clover, and other weeds.

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With these steps, not only will your yard look great this spring, but you’ll enjoy some fresh spring air and exercise by fertilizing and mowing your lawn and even save some money by doing your own lawn maintenance. Welcome spring!


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