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Extra Crispy Chicken Wings by Kosmo Q

Whether it’s Game Day, or Father’s Day, or just a Saturday – if you’re gathering with family and friends, chicken wings are definitely on the Want List for snacks! If you’ve done the work to get your grill or smoker back into shape and clean, you might be ready to experiment and up your game with these crispy crowd-pleasers.

Extra Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe from Kosmo Q

The big takeaway here? To get that ultimate crispy outer layer that makes these chicken wings such a hit, this is going to be a two stage cook. This means you’ll need to prep two areas for cooking well ahead of time. You will need a grill or smoker, and you will also need a deep fryer or  a deep pan filled with cooking oil. The good news is, the ingredient list is short and easy.

Extra Crispy Chicken Wings Prep Steps

Set the cooking temperature of your smoker or grill to 225F

Set the temperature of your fryer to 375F or your oil-filled frying pan to medium-high heat (do not allow it to boil)

Pat down your wings with paper towels

Cover all the wings with a generous coat of your chicken rub

Cooking Instructions

Set them on the center surface of your smoker or on an indirect heat area of your grill

Try and flip them once during the cook to get everything even, until they read an internal temperature of 165F

Once they’re to temperature, drop them all in the fryer or frying pan with oil at the same time for up to five minutes

When done, drop all your wings into a large metal or glass bowl and cover them with the two wing dust mixes and toss for 30 seconds

Put them on a plate and serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce

If you want to watch Kosmo Q himself walk you through this crispy chicken recipe step-by-step, watch this video!

Kosmo Q is one of the most popular brands of rubs, marinades and injections sold at Ace Hardware, and their recipes have won awards in just about every regional and national competition you can think of. Follow them for plenty more recipes and grilling tips!


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