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Grill Cleaning 101

Summer is nearly here, which means your grill is getting used more than ever.  It seems like a drag, but don’t skip out on cleaning it for the new season, because it’s not as difficult as you might think. With the right tools and techniques, it may only take an hour or less.

Heavy use during the last year has likely taken its toll on your grill, so take the time now to get it ready for the months ahead. A clean grill means better tasting food, and much less risk from clinging debris, carbonized fats, flame ups and more. Here are five simple steps to keep your grill fired up safely throughout the year:

  1. Thoroughly wash the outside with soapy water or use a grill cleaner like Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner, which will remove dirt and grime from enameled grill surfaces, making them look new again. If there are any stainless steel surfaces, use a stainless steel cleaner such as Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner, a soft cloth, and make sure to wipe with the grain to maintain a scratch-free shine.
  2. Open the grill lid and if you notice any peeling inside, don’t worry that it’s peeling paint. It’s actually a deposit of grease and smoke that collects during use. Use a stainless steel brush to remove this debris. If left unchecked for months or years, it eventually will eat into the metal casing of your grill.
  3. Remove all the cooking grates and flavor bars and soak them in warm soapy water to loosen debris.
  4. Finally, scrape any debris from inside the bottom and sides of the cook box using a straight, flat-edged object such as a putty knife, letting it fall into the removable tray pan. Wipe the inside of the grill clean with warm soapy water and a scrubbing pad.  Empty the debris from the tray into the trash and replace any disposable drip pans.
  5. The grill hose and regulator on a gas grill should be checked periodically for visible defects. If any rips, holes or cracks are detected, replace the parts immediately. Lastly, check the grill’s igniter to make sure it’s functioning properly. Most grills use a small battery that needs to be replaced periodically by simply unscrewing the igniter switch and switching out the battery.
grill cleaner techniques

Keeping your grill cleaner than just the occasional wipe down is important not just because a good, expensive grill needs help fending off the elements, but it can even cross over into the realm of Food Safety too.

Ideally, a grill should be at least wiped down after every use but when the ribs and a big game are waiting, there’s not always time to make that happen. So take some time once a year to give your grill a thorough cleaning and it will last for many more grilling seasons to come.

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