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Prepping Your Vegetable Garden for Winter

While it’s not the most fun thing to do, after working so hard to get everything just right in your garden during the spring and summer months, preparing for the onset of winter has its own checklist.
We asked our Garden Center experts at Ace Hardware for a few tips you can do now to prep your vegetable garden for winter, with the idea of doing things that let it get a good head start on the spring growing season. So here’s a few common sense tips they sent back.
  • Take notes about how you planted your garden this year – noting what was successful and anything that didn’t do well
  • Remove dead vegetation and any rotten vegetables
  • Gather leaves to mulch your garden or compost to use down the road, or use a light layer of mulch to help slow weeds, retain moisture, and enrich the soil

Preparing Your Garden for Winter Season

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