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Bloody Mary with Smoked Brisket Garnish

If the cool weather is starting to move in on your outdoor get togethers or tailgating celebrations, we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a cocktail recipe that has a bit of heat to it. Plus, it’s always a game-changer when you give people options to make their cocktail a part of their personal expression! The Bloody Mary is a top shelf choice when it comes to customizing. We thought we would start with a smoky and savory brisket skewer and let you build around that great base of flavor.

So first things first, if you don’t have smoked brisket ready to serve, here’s a great cost-conscious recipe by our pitmaster friend Megan Day, of Burnt Finger BBQ. She shows you how to make a perfect batch of Chuck Steak Sticks that come off of the grill ready to garnish your drink.

Megan Day Chuck Steak Sticks Recipe

Click to read Megan Day’s Chuck Steak Sticks recipe

At this point, you can either use your favorite Bloody Mary pre-mix, or you can roast your own tomatoes for a full-flavored base that will taste amazing. Here’s how.

Ingredient List for Smoked Tomato Bloody Mary

Making your own Bloody Mary base mix using fresh smoked tomatoes is a different level of flavor

Making your own Bloody Mary base mix using fresh smoked tomatoes is a different level of flavor!

Equipment List

Set your grill or smoker up for indirect cooking at 300°F. Remove stems and halve each tomato and season with salt. Place in a roasting pan or a cast iron skillet and cook for 1 hour. Remove the tomatoes from the grill or smoker and let cool.

Strain the crushed tomatoes into a large mixing bowl; throw away skins and seeds left in the screen. Cool for 20 minutes. Pour the tomato juice into a pitcher with ice, and add a pinch of salt, lime juice, hot sauce, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Add your choice of liquor (or not). Mix with a large spoon or whisk.

Optional presentation: Gather your serving glasses and using a damp towel, moisten the rims of the glasses, then dab them into a mix of smoked sea salt and ancho chili & coffee spice.

Add the smoked chuck steak or brisket meats to skewers, garnish with more pickled veggies like olives, banana peppers, gherkins, cocktail onions, anything you like! Serve and enjoy!

If you would like to follow the original recipe from our friends at Big Green Egg, you can find it here!

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