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Fire Crackers by Megan Day

Megan Day’s Fire Crackers Ingredients:

Place 4 sleeves of Saltine crackers into the gallon bag.

Whisk together ranch powder, steakhouse seasoning, chili flakes and oil.

Immediately pour mixture over crackers and seal up the bag.

Turn bag every few minutes to distribute seasoned oil across all crackers. Repeat several more times and allow to rest overnight.

Keep leftovers in sealed bag.

Vegetable oil works the best for this method. Butter will clump, trust me, I’ve tried!

There is no need to bake or cook these crackers. The oil distributes the seasonings and the crackers get more flaky and crisp as they sit.

These are best served after one day of marinating.

You can decrease or increase the chili flakes depending on your heat tolerance.


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