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When should I plant flower bulbs and how deep should I plant them?

Planting flower bulbs Planting times vary, so check your hardiness zone. But as a general rule, earlier in the fall is better than later. Bulbs need a little time to establish strong root systems, before the frosts of winter set in and the bulbs enter a new cycle in preparation for spring blooming. Remember to plant bulbs in an area that drains well and water newly planted bulbs to help those roots get going.

When planing your bulbs, plant them 3 times as deep as the bulb is long. And remember to plant pointed side up! For example:

  • Small bulbs like crocus — plant them about 5 inches deep.
  • Big bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths and tulips — plant those about 8 inches deep.

Find out more on how close together you should plant them.

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