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What Vegetables Are Good To Grow Together?

Did you know that not all vegetables in your garden like to grow next to each other? Just like school kids sitting with their friends at the lunch table, vegetables have friends they prefer to grow with, along with ones they should not be planted near.

The benefits of planting vegetables that grow well together will help decrease disease and can increase the crops you yield. Additionally, since some plants acts as a pest repellant, positioning plants next to other plants that insects dislike can limit pests. For example, basil helps repel mosquitos and flies, plus it can improve the flavor of your tomato. Conversely, planting vegetable companions that attract good insects can invite pollinators that will help your garden. Some plants are a good friend to everyone in the garden, like thyme. It is one of the plants that is beneficial to almost all plants in your garden!

Which Vegetables Grow Together Best?

Here are the types of vegetables that are friends in your garden and will thrive together:

Asparagus: Basil + Cilantro + Parsley + Peppers

Beets: Broccoli + Corn + Garlic + Lettuce + Sage

Cabbage: Beets + Potatoes + Onion + Sage + Celery

Carrots: Lettuce + Tomatoes + Onion + Peas

Cucumbers: Lettuce + Celery + Peas

Eggplant: Spinach + Peppers + Potatoes + Beans

Lettuce: Carrots + Radish + Strawberries + Beets

Peppers: Tomatoes + Parsley + Basil + Carrots

Peas: Carrots + Corn + Cucumbers

Spinach: Eggplant + Lettuce + Peas + Radish + Strawberries

Strawberries: Beans + Garlic + Lettuce + Onions + Peas + Spinach

Tomatoes: Asparagus + Carrots + Celery + Cucumbers + Herbs like Basil + Garlic + Peppers

Some Vegetables Grow Together Great, Others Not So Much

Here are vegetables you should avoid planting together:

Asparagus: NO onions, garlic or potatoes

Broccoli: NO Oregano, Strawberries and tomatoes

Cabbage: NO strawberries or Tomatoes or Eggplant

Cucumber: NO Cauliflower or Potatoes or Basil

Lettuce: NO Beans or Parsley

Tomatoes: NO Broccoli or Cabbage or Corn

Before heading to our garden center for your seeds or plants, spend a few minutes sketching out a diagram of your garden to plan out where you will plant each vegetable to ensure your garden thrives this summer.



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