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Using Spray Paint to Revitalize Your Metal Patio Furniture

Are you now in the planning stages for spring home renovation projects? One that can go a long way in improving the comfort of your backyard or balcony surroundings usually involve metal patio furniture. Once every few years, people look at their run-down, rusted and ragtag metal chairs and tables and think, “Do I really want to try and bring these back to life? Or do I want to skip the headache and just buy a new set with my rewards points?” It is indeed a tough call.

What people usually debate is the seemingly high level of effort and mess of a weekend painting project, against the quick convenience but high expense of new quality metal patio furniture. While Westlake Ace has solutions for both patio furniture and paint projects, we want you to know that reviving metal patio furniture using spray paint can be a quick and relatively simple weekend project that’s well worth the effort. If you get all of your materials together, you might not have to spend more than two to three hours total. All while making very little mess, if you have the workspace for it.

Items needed for painting metal furniture:


Instructions for Spray Painting Your Metal Patio Furniture

In an outdoor or well-ventilated space, cover a flat surface with a drop cloth or tarp.

Before starting, read the spray paint labels for safety, application, and dry time instructions. Most all-in-one type spray paint will be dry to touch after an hour.

Remove any attachments or debris from chairs so only metal remains.

In a separate area from where you will paint, ensure the surface of each chair is clean, dull, and dry. Use medium grit sand paper to remove any uneven surface if necessary. If you are unsure of the kind of paint used on the chairs, wear a dust mask in order to avoid inhaling particulates that may contain lead.

If your metal chairs have any mold, mildew or oily/sticky surfaces, use the surface cleaner spray with a scrub sponge, then wipe it off before it dries. (If you still can’t remove rust, textured paint or other residue, you may have to switch to a tougher prep material like WD-40, stripper or deglosser)

Wipe clean to remove all debris after drying with a dry cloth towel.

Move the metal chairs to your spray paint area on the covered surface and begin using the all-in-one type paint.

Try and keep your spraying can mostly level or between about a 45 degree angle, and about eight to ten inches away from the painted surface as you make smooth motions along that surface, back and forth. Press the trigger on the can just as you begin a new motion and let off as you begin to switch direction. Try not to handle the furniture to move it after you have started. Do not smear the spray paint coat with your finger or a rag.

Allow chairs to fully dry for one to two hours out of direct sunlight. If it begins to rain, move them to shelter that has good ventilation to finish the drying cycle.

Inspect your patio furniture for missed spots. If any are found, spray another coat over and around that area. Repeat dry time cycle again.

Once fully dry after 24 hours of the final paint coat, sit down and enjoy your newly refurbished metal patio chairs!


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