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How To Use Your Rug Doctor Most Effectively

Before getting started, just know that Rug Doctor will work very well on almost any rug or carpet, however, they don’t advise you to use the machine on carpet or rugs made with silk, wool, braided wool, or jute (which is mostly used for weather resistant outdoor areas). Everything else is A-OK.

One other thing to prepare for when you use a Rug Doctor to clean in your home, is planning ahead for certain weather conditions. Make sure your home cleaning day is warm without excessive humidity. Then do a very thorough vacuum of each room you’ll be working in TWICE. You want to remove as much debris and soil as possible.

The last thing to keep in mind before you start using your Rug Doctor is to pre-treat problematic stains that are from food, oil, grease or cosmetics. If you’re going after pet stains, pre-treat with appropriate stain and odor eliminator formulas several minutes before starting up your Rug Doctor.

Watch this video for smart Rug Doctor tips!


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