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Organic Plant Food – Which Is Better: Liquid or Granular?

When you are in the aisle looking at organic plant food, like True Organic, you might wonder if it’s better to use liquid or granular. The good news is that both are similar.

Organic Plant Food Tips

Liquid and Granule types of plant food both:

  • Supply macro- and micro-nutrients that plants need
  • Support the soil by nourishing the microbes that live there
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Are tested for food safety and ISO 22000 Certified

Organic Plant Food Tips For Getting Better Results
The differences between liquid and granular organic plant food are in the applications. Here are some benefits to using liquid and granules:

  • Liquid works well for house plants because it is easy to measure and apply. Just make sure not to add too much.
  • Plants can absorb liquid more quickly, where granules take more time and energy to break down to a point where the plants can start absorbing them. If you need your plant to get nutrients quickly, liquid is the best option
  • If you use drip irrigation, you can easily add liquid plant food in at the starting point, which can save you time.
  • Granules work well for raised beds or outdoor container gardening. Work it in a few inches down so it is well-distributed, allowing it to release nutrients over time. It gives a healthy boost of nitrogen.
  • Liquid and Granule type foods still work well for both indoor plants and outdoor containers and gardening beds.

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