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How To Replace a Window Screen

Door and Window Screen Repair vs. Replacement

Depending on what type of environment your property is in, screens may actually be very important to the integrity of your home. In warm and temperate climates, screen season can be many months long and that means there are more opportunities for unwanted wild visitors to drop in and say hello. Even just a few small tears in a few screens can ruin the fun for homeowners. Keeping bugs and other critters out and your home safe and secure in any kind of weather is the primary reason to have your screen windows in effective condition and secure. However, most people have the tendency to throw out a screen once they discover any type of rip or breach. Many times this can be a mistake. Our home improvement expert, Lou Manfredini, goes over a few types of scenarios of “repair vs. replace” your window screen.

Why go to Westlake Ace Hardware for your screen window and door repair work? It’s simple – we perform the job thousands of times a year using the best materials for the work. But our in-store experts can also give you great advice on what to buy and use for screen window repair in your home, in case you want to do it yourself! Watch this video to see how easy it can be with the right tools.

The Best Tools For Saving Money

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