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How to dogscape your yard

Tips and tricks to make both you and your furry friend happy in your outdoor space.

We love your canine companions, but let’s face it they can make a mess of a yard and garden. Here are a few tips to help make a good balance between a dog playground and a backyard oasis for you and your friends and family.


They say that good fences make good neighbors. Fences are important to your dogs, too.  The fence around your yard should be secure, and not have holes or gaps where your pet can get out, and other animals can get in.

Does your dog dig under your fence? Consider adding chicken wire or flexible green garden fencing to the inside of your fence. Place the fencing so that the gap between the fence and the ground is about in the middle of the width of the fencing, and secure onto the fence at the top. A few stones or some landscaping can hold down the inside edge.  This is a great way to discourage small dogs and puppies from squeezing out, and also can help secure your lawn from rabbits and other visitors coming in.

Consider fences around your garden and flowerbeds. These can be functional and attractive based on the size and nature of your dog, and how tall your plants, flowers, and garden are going to be.

Is your dog ruining plants along the edge of your porch? Consider adding a trellis or fencing along the edge of the area, leaving a couple of openings for them to use as they go underneath.

Know your dog's paths

Some dogs create paths around the yard- usually out the doors, and around the perimeter. Some dogs patrol the outside of your yard to keep you safe, some love to chase squirrels on top of your fence, etc. Consider creating purposeful pathways along their routes. Paths can be created with stone pavers or wood mulch. They will enjoy having the room they need, and you can enjoy a nicely-created path that is intentional and in your style.

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Plan landscaping with these paths in mind. Putting bushes and plants a few feet inside the fence line will give them the space for running they need. You can even create a decorative line of greenery that conceals that dog run area. Trimming trees and large shrubs up from the ground enough to allow your dog to pass under the branches will also help. Your dog will be able to pass through and beside them without doing damage or getting caught up in leaves and branches.

Help your lawn keep up.

  1. Choose a hearty grass seed that is suitable for the amount of sun or shade you have in your yard.
  2. Use seed starter fertilizer to help give the grass a healthy start.
  3. Water, water and more water.
  4. Fertilize every 8 weeks to keep the new and existing grass in great shape.

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Raised beds and non-toxic plants

Raised Beds

Raised beds are a wonderful way to create areas in your green space, focal points for plants and flowers, and for kids and adults to sit together to nurture plants.  They can also be a border some dogs will understand to stay out of.  Also consider window boxes, hanging planters, and decorative planters for your outdoor space. Our stores have many solutions for keeping animals away from your outdoor plants and gardens. Whether that is netting, fencing, or planters, we can help you find the right solution.

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Non-toxic plants

It is always important to know if any of your local plants and plant choices are toxic to people and to your pets.

For more information check out the ASPCA’s printable list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs.


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