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How long till birds visit a new bird feeder?

It generally takes about 2 weeks for birds to start regularly visiting a new bird feeder.

Chicadee at bird feeder

Following the tips below will help reduce the time and draw in your feathered neighbors.

  1. Wild birds are more likely to find and use bird feeders that best meet their needs.
    Place the bird feeder with 12 feet of a tree, tall grass or other cover. The nearby cover allows birds to feel comfortable being out in the open while visiting your feeder.
  2. Place a bird feeder where you see birds regularly.
    If you see birds visit an area of your yard or a particular tree then that is the ideal place to put a feeder.
  3. Put some seed under the feeder to attract birds.
    Birds find food by sight, so starting the seed in a wider area will help draw them to the spot.
…and of course put your feeder in a spot high enough for cats and dogs not to reach it, and in a place squirrels can’t easily reach.
Who will be your first visitor? Very possibly a chickadee! Chickadees are extra curious birds and often the first to visit a new spot.

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