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How big of a snow blower do I need?

Snow blowers are a way to quickly remove snow from your driveway and sidewalks. There are a wide variety of types and sizes. The key considerations are the size of the space to clear and the depth of the snow.

Most consumers buy a single-stage model, which has a rubber paddle that reaches to the ground. Single-stage snow blowers have one propeller that breaks up the snow, draws it in and discharges it. They work best in dry snow and are lighter, easier to maneuver and less expensive than two-stage snow blowers.

People with driveways that are wider than two cars may want to consider a two-stage model. These can throw snow farther because they have an intake and an impeller that throws the snow. Two-stage snow blowers mean two propellers, which breaks up the tasks it performs. The first propeller draws the snow in, and the second throws it. These snow blowers are larger, self-propelled and can handle up to 24 inches of snow depth, making them great for heavy snow and blizzards. They are fueled with a mixture of oil and gas. Shake it well before using and read the directions for the appropriate combination. Add a stabilizer to keep the oil from deteriorating over time.

However, if you prefer not to make your own fuel mix, four-cycle snow blowers have separate containers for gas and oil. Four-cycles also offer the most power, and can clear 14 to 32 inches of snow depth. While the two-stage snow blower requires you to mix the oil and gas together for the fuel before pouring it in, four-cycles allow you to pour in the oil and gas separately, cutting down on the chance of an inappropriate mix. Snow blowers usually come with a recommendation on what type of oil to use.

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