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A Quick Way to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

Adding a Pop of Color to Your Front Door

Painting your front door in an on-trend color provides instant curb appeal and creates an inviting impression for guests. Follow these easy tips to ensure success:

Pick the Right Tools: Always make sure you have the right tools on hand. To repaint a front door, you will need a scraper, painter’s tape, a paint roller, and an angled paint brush.

Don’t Be Shy with Color: Since it’s a relatively small area compared to the rest of the house, you can afford to take risks with the front door and be more adventurous with color. Choose quality exterior paints such as Benjamin Moore Regal which offers an incredible array of color choices, and yearly “Color Trends” offer homeowners endless possibilities.

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Don’t be afraid to choose a bold front door color if your home is a neutral color or natural earth tone. The upgrade to your curb appeal could be dramatic, giving your home a new, more-energetic look in your neighborhood.

Light Matters: Always view your color selections outside, to see the true effect of natural light before making your final choice. North-facing homes tend to attract cool light, and for south-facing homes, the light tends to be warm and intense. Color is subjective so those light differences can make a color appear quite different on your front door than on the house across the street.

Eight Steps to a Stunning Front Door: Follow these 8 steps to ensure your front door painting project produces the beautiful results you deserve.

1) Accents Away: Removing any non-permanent hardware provides an even work surface.
2) Get Clean: Scrub down the door and remove any built-up dirt and dust.
3) Scrape: If needed, use a paint scraper to remove weathered paint and create a smooth surface.
4) Sand: If your door is painted with a water-based paint, give it a good sanding with a fine-grit sandpaper.
5) Tape: Use painter’s tape along permanent hardware to prevent drips, splatters, and rough edges.
6) Prime Time: A primer coat helps produce even paint coverage and lasting results.
7) Time to Paint: Once painted, let the door dry for at least 24 hours before applying a second coat.
8) Reattach Hardware: Once everything is fully dry, remove the painter’s tape and reattach the hardware.

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