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5 Tips for Managing Mosquitos

The buzzing! The biting! The wet spring in many parts of the United States, combined with hot summer weather, can only mean one thing – “mosquito season” is in full swing and they’re here to ruin our outdoor fun. In fact, according to, most parts of the country will see above normal to above-normal activity of these un-welcome summer guests.

Whether at home or on vacation, Westlake Ace Hardware offers 5 great tips to control the seasonal irritation that mosquitoes bring:

  1. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. After a rain or when the lawn sprinklers run, empty water out of flowerpots, wheel barrows, watering cans, buckets, etc. Check for and empty standing water inside the house as well, in places like flower vases or flowerpot saucers.
  2. If there is standing water in bird baths or water features, or in swampy areas of the yard, use larvicides such as Mosquito Dunks®. These products treat the water and kill mosquito larvae.
  3. Clean out gutters, remove piles of leaves and debris, and keep your lawn and other vegetation cut low to prevent landing sites for adult mosquitoes.
  4. Wear long-sleeved pants and shirts to protect against mosquito bites. Treat exposed skin with an EPA-registered insect repellent, such as Cutter® brand sprays. If you’re going to be in the sun, apply sunscreen first and then insect repellent.
  5. Before guests arrive for BBQs and pool parties, use an outdoor flying insect spray like Cutter® Backyard Bug Control. Spray the grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. When properly applied, it can help keep your yard mosquito-free for up to 12 weeks. For immediate results around the patio or on the deck, use Cutter Back Yard Bug Control Outdoor fogger.

Managing Mosquitos With Clothes


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