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5 Quick Tips For Growing Wildflowers

It’s usually fun when you do a lot of work to get your favorite vegetable or plant to grow large and strong in your garden or home, but what about doing something easy that yields something beautiful and beneficial? Growing wildflowers requires minimum effort and gives back maximum enjoyment. Plus, when you grow wildflowers local to your environment, it benefits more than just your yard, it helps pollinators get a better foothold in your area, which benefits your plants and your neighbor’s plants too! So we came up with…

Growing Tips Wildflowers

5 Quick Tips For Growing Wildflowers

1. Choose a sunny spot with good drainage. Your wild flowers will need at least 6-8 hours of sun every day.

2. Break up the soil bed and remove everything to make it ready for seedlings. Just throwing seeds into unprepped soil won’t really do much. They are “wild flowers” but if you want them to grow where you planned, then you have to help them as much as possible.

Growing Tips for Wildflower Beds

Growing wildflowers that are native to your area are a great way to attract pollinators, which then help other local plants to thrive as well.

3. The most helpful thing you can do to your local environment is to plant wildflowers that are local to your area. Along with being easier to grow, they will also appeal to local pollinators, which is another big help in growing a beautiful patch.

4. Don’t worry about testing pH levels in your soil, because wildflowers are accustomed to poor soil.

Wildflower Growing Tips for Success

5. Mix your seed with some sand to help make it easier to spread the flowers out and get a good broadcast ratio. Once they’re down, walk carefully over every inch where you tossed the seeds to tamp them into the dirt. Then water the area lightly once a day for a week or so. Local wildflowers will thrive in the normal rainfall for your climate.

That’s it! Growing wildflowers can be easy and fun, plus helpful to your local ecosystem!

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