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Seasoning A Blackstone Griddle

Video transcript:

How to season a Blackstone Griddle by Chef Jason Race

Hey guys chef Jason, Ace Hardware grilling expert today. I am beyond excited because I’ve got the brand new 36 inch Blackstone griddle, but a couple things we’ve got to do ahead of time to get ready for that ever so important first cook. It’s all about seasoning so today we’re going to show you how to season this griddle we we’re going to get it prepped and ready we’re going to show you that seasoning process to get everything absolutely dialed in for our first cook so thanks for hanging out with us let’s dig in here, show you the tricks of the trade we’ll get this all seasoned up.


Cleaning supplies needed:

  • Mild dish soap
  • Wet towel – water only
  • Blackstone scouring pads
  • Blackstone scraper
  • Blackstone griddle seasoning
  • Dry towel
  • Tongs


All right, so cleaning supplies that we need to get ready and get this thing all prepped we’re going to use: a little bit of mild detergent because we want to clean that steel griddle off first get any uh particulate, soap, dust, dirt, tape and of that stuff off it. So we’ll use that then we’re gonna use a wet towel just to get everything cleaned and prepped. Now if anything is stuck on there we’re gonna use these awesome Blackstone scouring pads to get that surface ready now we’ve got a black stone scraper here which is going to help us make sure if anything is stuck to that griddle that we use that to help us clean. Now most important part right here you guys check that out, we’ve got some of that griddle seasoning and cast iron conditioner this is really going to do everything we needed to do we’re going to use a fresh dry towel a pair of tongs that we’ve given a couple test clicks to make sure they work but this is going to be it. This right here is going to help us season that up super easy super simple, let’s dig in and get it done. Well if you look at this griddle, right see my soapy hands, you’ve got a little bit of tape residue on there, we’ve got some dust and debris and what i’m going to do is use that griddle scrubber and i’m going to go through here and get everything prepped and ready to go.  I want to make sure before I season it this surface is all pristine and ready for that griddle conditioner getting this thing perfect.


Wipe down the Blackstone griddle

Now that we have it scrubbed we’ll go through and just give it a wipe we’ll get all that soap residue off and then we’ll come back with just a damp towel and get it dried off as well but we want to take everything off get all that soap out of here get this ready to go. All right now we’ve got that soap residue we’re taking just a damp towel going through here and giving it it’s kind of its final wipe. Right we want to get everything dried off make sure it’s all clean ready for that seasoning conditioner.


Step #1: Seasoning a Blackstone grill

All right step number one time to get in here and get this started up so come on in here, what we’ll do we’re going to turn all the burners to high we are going to ignite this. All right so when this starts to discolor it’s going to take about 15 minutes you’re going to start to see this change colors it’s going to get a little bit darker it’s almost going to get a little copperish color but we want to go ahead give it that full 15 minutes with the lid up we definitely don’t want to put the lid down but we’ll let this go 15 minutes or so we’ll come back and start step number one of the seasoning process. All right, as you can see, look at this griddle i always say like that 15 minutes that discoloration we’re looking for it to be kind of a copper a dark brown but you can definitely see uh this whole griddle has started to discolor a little bit. So here’s what we did, we went ahead and opened the griddle seasoning. I’m going to take about four tablespoons of this griddle seasoning out of here and get that onto the griddle like so start getting that melted. Now what i’ve got here is get that off there as well i folded up a towel as well what i’m going to do here is let that griddle seasoning melt a little bit and then we’re going to go ahead and work that into the surface like so. What I’m doing is you’re going to notice it’s smoking quite a bit, that’s totally normal, what we’re trying to do is pulmonarize this oil which means we’re really getting that oil to kind of break down uh and and become one right with the surface of the metal making a really nice coating. So we’ll go through here and get every bit i want to get the sides i want to get the back all of that making sure we’re creating that beautiful non-stick surface. Now i want to get this also evenly applied so let’s go back and continue to rub that until it is all applied nice and even coat. Then guess what we’re going to let this go and burnish in for probably another 15 minutes. You’ll start to see that smoke disappear and then we’ll come back and we’re going to repeat this process three more times. I  really like four coats on here. You’ll notice that oil and smoke start to dissipate, it dries out a little bit. We are going to have a fantastic coat. We’ll come back and catch up round  number two. 


Step 2: Final step to season your Blackstone griddle

Chef’s tip: Step #3 – Repeat the seasoning process in a thin layer.

Well here we are now on the final step right step number four and what you’re gonna see is look at how that oil has started to dry that seasoning has started to dry and we’re getting that polymerization process, that is exactly what we’re looking for we said that smoke will dissipate as well so i’m going to do this now for the final time this will be time number four and then we’ll come back and show you how we get it all cooled down give it a final wipe and then we get it prepped for that amazing first cook. 


All seasoned and ready to go

There you have it, we are all seasoned and ready to go. We did it four times uh we got four really nice thin layers of that seasoning uh griddle seasoning on there to make sure we got that polymerization done. Look at that, proof is in the pudding that is amazing and we are definitely set up for our first cook. 


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