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How does the Traeger grill control its own temperature?


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How does the Traeger grill control its own temperature?

The bottom of this hopper is an auger that move the pellets slowly from the storage hopper to the fire pot where the pellet stove burn. The auger works in conjunction with the temperature controller to deliver the right amount of pellets Into the fire pot. When more heat is needed, the auger simply delivers more pellets to increase the temperature.

Traeger grill are easy to start and operate

Traeger also features an auto start system that is safe and simple. Just turn the controller to the smoke setting and open the lid, the grill will do the rest. The fire is actually started by an electrically heated rod called a hot rod. The ignitor rod blows red hot for the first few minutes of operation just long enough to ignite the pellets and start the fire. Your Traeger grill requires a standard plug outlet to operate the igniter rod, the auger and the fan. 300 watt of power is required for the first four minutes of operation, but once the fire is lit your Traeger will only require about 50 watt of power for the remaining cooking time. That’s less electricity than a 50 watt light bulb.

Best feature of a Traeger grill

One of the best features of the Traeger grill has to be its ability to maintain a desired temperature for hours or even overnight. With a digital controller you simply set the desired temperature. The temperature sensor inside the grill communicates directly with the auger system to deliver the right amount of wood pellets Into the fire pot. When the temperature begins to drop below the desired range the auger will automatically feed more wood to bring the temperature back into the proper range. The operating temperature inside the Traeger barbecue is monitored by a RTD probe or resistance temperature detector and it appears on a bright red LED display.

Functions like a wood-fired oven

You need proper airflow to operate your grill like a convection oven providing even heating for your food. The fan operates as long as the Traeger is turned on, blowing air directly into the fire pot and then circulating the heat and smoke evenly throughout the grill. This ensures a consistent temperature in the cooking chamber and essentially allows your Traeger grill to function like a wood-fired oven. 

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