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How do I use a Rug Doctor?

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How do I use a Rug Doctor?

After viewing this section you’ll see just how easy it is to use The Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine and how The Rug Doctor machine and cleaning products work together to deliver professional-quality results. To begin, mix the necessary amount of cleaning solution with hot water. You can find the mixing ratio on the back panel of each cleaning solution bottle. Remove the white recovery bucket by pulling down on the wire retainer like this.

Then, flip up the dome cover and remove the white bucket. Now pour the hot water and solution mixture into the lower red tank under the white recovery bucket. The lower red tank is full when the solution mix is visible halfway out the solution filter. Now return the white recovery bucket into the machine and secure the dome by replacing the wire retainer over the dome like this. To start cleaning the machine in and place the machine at your starting point, adjust the handle to a comfortable position by pulling the release lever and raising the handle to the desired position. Then turn the machine on to the carpet setting, this starts the vacuum. On some other models there are two switches, set the machine for carpet and then the vacuum switch can be turned on. Press the red button on the top of the handle and begin pulling the machine backwards while slightly lifting on the handle. On light leave soiled carpet you can pull the machine quickly at 1 foot per second, for moderately or heavily soiled carpet pull the machine slowly at approximately 1 foot every 2 seconds.

Pressing the red button sprays the water and activates the vibrating brush. Release the red button approximately 6 inches prior to the end of your path to allow the vacuum to capture everything to the end of your path. Tilt the machine back slightly and move it forward to the next starting point and continue cleaning. Only go over the carpet once or twice and not any more than that to not over wet the carpet. The dirty water being recovered from the carpet entered through the dome and into the upper white recovery bucket. Once the white recovery bucket gets full or you hear a definite change in the tone of the machine that sounds like a metallic chattering noise or you no longer see water entering the dome release the red button and turn the machine off. Now remove the white bucket by pulling down on the wire retainer and empty the dirty water into the kitchen sink drain or the commode and flush. Be sure that the filter screen does not come loose and fall into the white recovery bucket. Refill the lower red tank with your hot water and solution mixture to continue cleaning. Also be sure to clean the dome filter if you see any type of dirt build-up and return it to the dome by placing this end in first and then sliding it into place like this. Return the upper white recovery bucket by placing it into the machine and then return the wire retainer over the dome and snap into place like this.


Attaching the upholstery tool

Simply go to the back of the machine and locate the solution line connection and the vacuum hose connection here. Press down on the solution coupler like this while pulling out the solution line. Then insert the solution line from the tool while holding the solution coupler down and then release. Now pull up and out on the vacuum hose and insert the vacuum hose from the upholstery tool. Add the necessary amount of cleaning solution to the lower red tank, then plug the machine in and turn the machine on to upholstery. On some other models there are two switches. Set the machine for upholstery and then the vacuum switch can be turned on. Then place the tool at your starting point, press the black trigger on the underside of the tool and begin pulling the tool backwards. You’ll see the water being vacuumed up through the see-through cover on the top of the tool. Once you are finished using the upholstery tool. Reverse these hook-up procedures to ready the machine for carpet cleaning. If these lines are not attached completely the machine will not function properly. 

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