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How do I re-key my Kwikset Smartkey lock?

Video transcript:

How to Re-Key a Kwikset Smartkey

We all have given our house keys to others for one reason or another, just think the next time you go on vacation and hand over your house key to your neighbor you don’t have to worry about getting it back. When you return just redo your lock using a brand new key.

Homeowners can now re-key door locks

The engineers at Kwikset have developed a new lock technology that allows homeowners to rekey their door locks on their own whenever they have the need. You can even rekey all your home’s locks to work with a single key, eliminating the need for separate keys for each door lock on your home. This new technology called Smartkey just requires a simple three-step process.

Kwikset 3 step re-keying process

First insert and turn the functioning key, then insert and remove the provided learning tool then remove the original key and after inserting the new key in turning back to center, the Smartkey lock has been rekey and is fully functional, that’s it. The process is secure because it requires the use of both the homeowners functioning key and the proprietary learn tool. When I leave town I just change my locks to match the temporary key that I give the neighbor, then when I come back home I just rekey the lock back to my home key.

ANSI grade 1 heavy duty commercial security rating

With this new lock technology, Smartkey has replaced the traditional pin tumbler design with a patented  sidebar locking system and Smartkey deadbolt has earned the ANSI grade 1 heavy duty commercial security rating and provides Kwiksets exclusive bump guard protection to guard against lock bumping attacks. I just feel safer knowing that I can change my keys anytime I feel like it. The lockset are affordably priced, come in a variety of decorative finishes and styles, feature a lifetime mechanical and finishes warranty and are available at major home improvement retailers nationwide.

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