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The Ribwich by Burnt Finger BBQ

A special recipe from Megan Day, Barbecue champion and co-owner of Burnt Finger BBQ

Megan Day of Burnt Finger BBQ has always been a taste maker around the BBQ Capital of Kansas City. But you may have noticed her in some extra special appearances on TV lately. She’s been a guest on NBC’s The Today Show a few times, even for Super Bowl Sunday when her Smoked Ribs went head to head with the classic Cubano Sandwich with Hoda and Jenna as the judges!

What she has in store for us today is a Burnt Finger BBQ original, so make sure to follow all directions to the letter so you get the full experience of this super sandwich.

Megan Day Ribwich Recipe

Kansas City Style Ribwich Ingredients



  1. Preheat grill to 275 degrees F.
  2. Sprinkle Smokey KC rub on ribs. Pat down and allow to rest for one hour.
  3. Smoke ribs, meat side up, for 2 hours over indirect heat. Turn ribs and spray with your liquid of choice at least 2 times during those 2 hours.
  4. Wrap ribs in foil with remaining liquid and sliced butter. Cook for 2 more hours. Remove from foil and baste with Smokey KC Barbecue sauce. Place back on grill for 10 minutes, meat side up.
  5. During the last hour of your rib cook, place 6 – 8 frozen onion rings over indirect heat. Turn until golden brown and crunchy. Set aside.
  6. Cut French Bread loaf in half lengthwise and spread softened butter on cut side. Place over direct heat to toast and set aside.
  7. After your sauced ribs have finished, place them meat side down, on the cutting board. Cut down center of each bone and twist them out of the meat.
  8. Place slab of rib meat on the bottom half of the toasted French loaf and layer with Provolone cheese, crispy onion rings, and a generous drizzle of Smokey KC barbecue sauce and top with remaining half of toasted loaf.
  9. Slice Ribwich into 2-inch sandwich portions and serve immediately.

Megan Day Burnt Finger BBQ Kansas City Ribwich

Get the Family Involved:

This is a great way to stretch your rib meat a little further and offers several chances to bring the family together to help you make this fun sharable dish.

First up, let the kids pat the rub into the meat.

Next, have them comb through the frozen onion rings and find the biggest 6 to 8 rings.

Once you’ve loosened the bone from the meat, the kids will have a blast twisting them out. It may be warm, so they may need to use tongs.

Letting your kids place the provolone cheese and onion rings onto the rib meat are two more fun ways they can help you cook!


  • Babyback ribs are sometimes labeled loin back ribs.
  • Want more smoke flavor? Throw some wood chunks on the coals or fill a foil pouch with wood or pellets and poke some holes. Place pouch over your direct heat source.
  • Look for a nice mahogany color after those first 2 hours of cooking. You’ll know it’s time to wrap your ribs!
  • When wrapping the ribs, I like to use two layers of foil and crimp the edges air tight.
  • Try adding garlic to your butter before spreading it on the French bread loaf for some extra flavor!

Grilling Tips:

  • Charcoal grill – create a two-zone fire. Smoking will take place on the cooler side of the grill.
  • Propane grill – only turn on one or two burners. The smoking will take place on the cooler side of the grill.
  • Pellet grill – set your temperature to 275 degrees F.
  • Smoker – adjust your vents and fire to run your pit at 275 degrees F.

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