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Shredded Bologna Melt by Megan Day

Our friend Megan Day gets a lot of attention and wins plenty of awards within the KCBBS pro circuit pitmaster competitions. She travels all over the country with her team, Burnt Finger BBQ. Sometimes she takes a break to either create something new in her home kitchen that she wants to share, or she puts her own personal spin on a new pitmaster favorite. This time around she figured out a fun way to serve up a whole heap of meat in a tasty, cheesy melt. You’ll enjoy these nostalgic flavors and love that this recipe came straight off the griddle. Megan’s Shredded Bologna Melt is a fast and easy family meal that will always be a hit.

Megan Day's Shredded Bologna Melt recipe for the griddle

Shredded Bologna Melt Ingredients

  • Bologna Chub in a tube, shredded through a cheese grater
  • Any Burnt Finger BBQ Rub or your favorite BBQ rub
  • Soft hoagie buns
  • Spreadable butter
  • Mayonnaise
  • American cheese slices
  • Provolone cheese, slices

Cooking Equipment

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1. Heat griddle to medium-high temperature.

2. Remove the plastic wrapping around the chub and press bologna tube through the cheese grater side with 1/4″ holes.

3. Spread butter on griddle and topped with a heap of the shredded bologna. Dust with barbecue rub.

4. Spread butter on griddle and lay buns cut sides down to toast.

5. When shredded bologna crisps along the edges, use the metal spatula to flip the shreds over. Place American and provolone cheese slices on shredded Bologna.

6. Remove toasted buns and dress with mayonnaise.

7. Scoop up the cheesy fried Bologna and add it to the bun(s).

8. Drizzle with barbecue sauce and serve warm.


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