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Bravo Bravo Que Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork has to be one of the favorite dishes of Backyard BBQ enthusiasts (and competition BBQ as well). Cooking a large cut of meat on your smoker can be intimidating if you’re just beginning, but the great thing about pulled pork is that it’s very forgiving as far as cooking process and flavor profiles. So just make sure your cut is fully-thawed, nicely seasoned and cooked to a tested internal temperature, and everything else will work out.

This recipe for pulled pork is from our friends at Veterans Community Project. VCP dedicates themselves to addressing and eliminating the problem of veteran homelessness by offering health and skills training services, as well as unique small home communities to veterans at risk. Find out more here. 

Pulled Pork Recipe from Veterans Community Project

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Smoked Pork Butt Equipment List:

Optional items:

Prepping a Pork Butt to make Pulled Pork

After your pork butt is thoroughly thawed, trim any excess fat from the outside down to around 1/4 of an inch (there will be plenty inside) then place the butt in an aluminum half pan.

Get your injection liquid in a large cup and fill your meat injector. Put it about two to three inches into the meat and press slowly until liquid comes out. Do this about every three inches apart. Wipe any excess liquid from the surface with paper towels.

Use your favorite pork BBQ rub and apply an even coat over every surface, then let sit for anywhere from 40 minutes to a few hours in your refrigerator covered with aluminum foil.

Once you’ve let your meat begin to come up to temp, start your smoker and aim for a fire temperature that should be at least 250F and try not to let it get hotter than 300F.

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Take one of the aluminum half pans and fill it with water, if possible put it right under the butt on the rack below so you have continuous moisture in the grill.

Remove the butt from the aluminum pan and place on the grill.

Check the meat about every 30 minutes. Fill your spritz bottle with apple cider and spritz the surface if there are extra dry spots or burned spots.

Use the digital probe thermometer to check the temperature in several spots. Once the butt reaches 150-170F internally remove the butt from the grill and place in one of the aluminum half pans. As a flavor profile option, some people like to place butter patties and a cup of brown sugar on the meat. Wrap the butt tightly with the foil, then another foil piece to double wrap.

Place the wrapped meat back in the aluminum foil pan and put it back in the smoker or an oven set for 250F. Watch the internal temperature with your probe thermometer to reach 195 – 200F, then pull it from the smoker or oven.  Let the butt rest for one to two hours in a large cooler. Then unwrap it and begin shredding the meat with meat claws, large forks or by hand wearing insulated rubber gloves.

We recommend pouring a generous amount of Bravo Bravo Que Vinnie’s Spicy Sauce into the pan over the meat as you pull it apart, but you can use your favorite BBQ sauce.


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